A little about us and how we started

In Western developed economies, there is an engagement gap. 70% of business leaders say that employee engagement is critical for their success, yet only 30% of them say their workforce is engaged. 

In 2007, Glenn Elliott founded a company called Reward Gateway, which works with employers to try and bridge that gap. It has helped over 2,000 businesses, primarily in the UK, US and Australia, to make their organisation a better place to work for their people – some 4 million of them in total. These numbers continue to increase every day as more and more companies place greater importance on employee enagement.

RG Foundation's mission – which is shared with that of Reward Gateway – is to make the world a better place to workWe imagine a world where people can work safely, with fairness and equality, a world where people can go to work and put their creativity and passion to good use. Where they can laugh with their friends, care about their colleagues and feel cared for by their company. Where they are recognised and seen for who they are and what they achieve.

We know that in many parts of the world, both in the places we call home and further afield, there is a long way to go to come even close to that vision. To make the world a better place to work, we need to do more.


The RG Foundation is a £4 million fund which will help pioneering projects and programmes to ‘make the world a better place to work’. We award grants of up to £40,000 to charity, non-profit and community organisations across the world that are helping people access better, safer and fairer employment. 

And we’re doing this because we’re serious when we say, we want the world to be a better place to work. For everyone.

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