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Work Positive - For people living with HIV

In the UK the unemployment rate for people with HIV is 17.4% compared to 6.4% for the general population. We met with Ruth and Sergio from Terrence Higgins Trusts to learn about some of the reasons why and their Work Positive programme which helps unemployed people with HIV get back into work.

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Exploring the myths behind employing ex-offenders

Posted by Rob Marsh on August, 2018

Topics: discrimination, diversity

With roughly 75% of employers in the UK admitting to discriminating against candidates who disclose a conviction at an earlier stage, there are clear barriers to employment for people with convictions. 

Understanding slavery in the 21st century

Posted by Rob Marsh on July, 2018

Topics: exploitation, empowerment-and-equality

With a growing number convictions occurring under the Modern Slavery Act in the UK, we wanted to understand more about the relatively new phenomenon of modern slavery and meet some of the organisations working to eradicate it.

How Young Enterprise is tackling youth unemployment and the skills shortage

Posted by Rob Marsh on July, 2018

Topics: education, youth-entrepreneurs

What do the employability skills for the future look like? What should we be focussing on to ensure young people are prepared for work after their education? We met with Young Enterprise to learn more.

Employing ex-Forces and the transition to “Civvy Street”

Posted by Rob Marsh on June, 2018

Topics: discrimination

Making the transition from serving in the Armed Forces to life after the military can be challenging. Adjusting to a new environment, way of life and of course finding work. 

The people fighting to find meaningful work for refugees

Posted by Rob Marsh on June, 2018

Topics: empowerment-and-equality, diversity

The refugee crisis has affected millions of people across the world. Families have left behind their homes, loved ones and livelihoods in the search of safety and a better life. But, there are significant barriers that stand in the way of refugees when it comes to employment.

Meet Beena, the woman defying gender inequality in Kerala, India

Posted by Rob Marsh on March, 2018

Topics: empowerment-and-equality

In the district of Wayanad in Kerala women often work in labour intensive farming jobs where they are usually paid less than men for the same work. TGG Foundation is a small rural development charity who provide fair employment opportunities to women like Beena.