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RG Foundation is a new grant giving body supporting people who are making the world a better, fairer, safer and more equal place to work.

As we develop we're exploring issues related to our mission.



Work It Out - Equality for LGBTI+ people

GLAS Foundation are our first Bulgarian grantee and have been bringing positive change to the lives of LGBT+ people in Bulgaria since they formed 5 years ago.

We met up with them during Pride in Sofia to learn more about their Work It Out platform which helps businesses create more diverse and inclusive working environments.

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Latest updates

5 ways we can join the fight to end Modern Slavery

Posted by Rob Marsh on September, 2019

Topics: exploitation, empowerment-and-equality

Modern slavery is a term used to describe the in-humane treatment of vulnerable people through trafficking, forced-labour, debt-bondage or any other kind of exploitation. And it’s happening now all over the world. So what can we do about it?

What does Fair Trade have to do with female empowerment?

Posted by Rob Marsh on May, 2019

Topics: education, entrepreneurship, empowerment-and-equality

The inequalities between men and women in the world of work are becoming clearer. More people are recognising that the gender gap is very real, and that to close it will take hard work, compromise and time. But what does that have to do with Fair Trade? 

Lets talk about the race pay gap

Posted by Rob Marsh on April, 2019

Topics: empowerment-and-equality

The 2nd of April is Equal Pay Day in the United States. It's a day set aside by the National Committee on Pay Equity to shine a light on the disparities in wages between working men and women who do the same jobs. But what about other pay inequalities that are staring us right in the face?

Why I'm becoming cynical about International Women's Day

Posted by Jenny Fyans on March, 2019

Topics: rgf-women-empowerment

It’s happening. International Women’s Day is gaining traction, sparking conversations and generating awareness worldwide about gender equality in all walks of life. So why do I balk at all the ‘’ways to celebrate #IWD” that abound at this time of year?

Can crowdfunding help fix the homeless crisis?

Posted by Rob Marsh on February, 2019

Topics: rgf-general, rgf-finding-work

As the number of people experiencing homelessness increases, we speak to social impact business BEAM to hear about their crowdfunding, tech solution to this national crisis.


Exploring the myths behind employing ex-offenders

Posted by Rob Marsh on August, 2018

Topics: diversity, discrimination

With roughly 75% of employers in the UK admitting to discriminating against candidates who disclose a conviction at an earlier stage, there are clear barriers to employment for people with convictions.